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Jun, 2018

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Why You Should Own A Log Cabin

A log cabin is one of the best ways to expand your property and enjoy eco-friendly living.

At Ecohome Log Cabins we provide standard and bespoke design log cabins that will suit your needs and offer great value for money. Made from quality Scandinavian spruce, our premium log cabins are built to last.

Why you should choose a log cabin?

There are many advantages in choosing a log cabin over traditional brick extensions.

They are eco-friendly AND cost-efficient. Timber is a material that can naturally hold heat, which means you will be spending less on heating bills. Timber also has thermal mass which means that your log cabin will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year ensuring better insulation while using less energy. Log cabins are approximately 30% more energy efficient than a traditional extension. It has never been easier to reduce your impact on the environment while expanding your existing property.

Our log cabins are a lot more affordable than a brick extension. In fact, our quality log cabins cost approximately only half the price of a traditional brick house. This enables you to get much more for your money and enjoy living or working in a bigger space to suit your needs.

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Save your money

With our log cabins, you can save money without sacrificing quality. As our cabins are delivered in a flat pack kit which includes detailed instructions, you can choose to assemble it yourself saving on construction costs.

Endless possibilities with log cabin from EcoHome

Log cabins are unique, rustic and comfortable places to live and are increasingly popular worldwide.

The choices of cabins available are endless. You can choose from a simple one-bedroom cabin or a luxurious 4-bedroom dream cabin. Your log cabin can be anything you need it to be such as extra accommodation or living space for your existing home, a home office, a playroom, a study, a gym or even your own holiday home.

Our wonderful cabins make great retreats. The possibilities are endless with our versatile log cabins.

Rent it out

Another big advantage of owning a log cabin is that you can rent it out and make some extra money. We have sold many cabins to people intending to rent them out as Air BnB accommodation.

At Ecohome Log Cabins we have a wide range of log cabins to suit all of your needs, contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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