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Why it is Important to Paint Your Log Cabin

Apr, 2021

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Painting your log cabin is the single most important step to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Painting your cabin massively changes its appearance as well as protecting the wood. Our Ecohome log cabins are made from top quality Scandinavian spruce which is known for its strength and durability. It is a natural product and therefore it is susceptible to damage and wear and tear over time. All buildings are susceptible to damage from extreme weather conditions and paint creates a layer of protection to keep this damage to a minimum.

Painting your log cabin is simple when you know how

Painting a log cabin is a different process to painting a hard wall. From choosing the right paint for the job to sealing the cabin properly, adequately preparing the timber surfaces and applying base and top coats, it is important to get it right from the very beginning.

If your log cabin has not been painted before, you will need to prepare the surface to be painted by sanding it down and cleaning it. Also make sure any knots or cracks are properly sealed. It is important at this stage to use a primer which will allow subsequent layers of paint to be easily applied. If you skip this step any paint you apply may go on unevenly. Primer will also protect the wood.

Paint your cabin in your chosen colour

You may find that you will need several coats to get the right cover. Water-based paints tend to cover more smoothly. It is important to finish off the exterior of your cabin with a gloss or a satin paint to offer further protection.

The interior of your cabin is just as easy to paint by starting with a primer and applying your chosen paint colour until you are happy with the finished look. Don’t forget there are special bathroom and kitchen paints which work better against moisture and gloss paints work well for use on skirting, architrave and windowsills. Floor paints are also an option. Painting the interior of your log cabin will protect the walls from any damage caused by spills or accidents. Painting the interior also gives you the opportunity to show your personality.

Painting is the key

Spending time painting your cabin at the beginning will offer massive protection and you will avoid having to pay for easily avoidable small repairs. You won’t have to repaint your cabin every year.

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