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Why have a log cabin?

If you are considering purchasing or building a log cabin, it is important to fully explore all the positives and negatives.  Timber home construction in Ireland the UK has increased over the years, but is it the right option for you?



Cost – having a log cabin built or even building one yourself, is a lot cheaper than building a brick home.  You will still need to purchase the relevant land and ensure that your build meets all appropriate regulations, but overall it is a cheaper option.


Environment – Because log cabins are built from wood or logs, they are more ‘greener’ or environmentally friendly than their brick built counterparts.  This is because a timber home uses more natural resources than brick and concrete homes.


Aesthetics – A log cabin looks good.  New wood also has the added advantage of smelling nice as well.  If you do build your very own log cabin, you’ll be able to wake up to the beautiful smell of natural wood for many years.


Ventilation – A log home can provide a much better ventilation system than your standard brick house.  This will need to be carefully considered because you’ll need to ensure that it has good ventilation, whilst also preventing leaks.


Longevity – If you are savvy with the type of wood that is used to construct your new home, and you ensure that it sealed and treated, then it will last a long time.  The different woods that are used to construct a log cabin, are chosen because of their longevity and their ability to resist decay or insect infestation.  Speak to your architect or builder if you are unsure.


Sound – Wood acts as a natural sound barrier.  This means that your log home will come with built in sound protection from those irritating external noises.




Insulation – Wooden homes aren’t know for their great natural insulation.  Therefore, if you are planning to use your cabin for residential purposes, you will need to consider having additional insulation installed.  Without it you could find your timber home is very cold in the winter months and too warm in the summer.


Shrinkage – Overtime wood naturally shrinks.  Whilst the shrinkage rate in large wooden constructions is very slow, this is something that you’ll need to factor in.  Unfortunately, you can’t do anything to prevent shrinkage.  It’s a natural process.


New wood – If you have opted to use hand crafted wood in your log home build, you’ll need to be aware of wood popping or cracking.  New wood has a habit of popping and cracking.  To avoid this, or at least minimise it, you’ll need to treat the wood at the earliest opportunity.


Permissions – Are you building a home or a garden shed?  Depending on the size of your construction, will impact on whether or not building permission is required.  If it’s for residential purposes, then you’ll also need to consider what additional regulations you have to follow to make it habitable.


Re-sale – If you choose to move and leave your log cabin, it can be difficult to sell it.


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