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What’s the difference between a log cabin and a conventional block built home?

Jun, 2021

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A log cabin is entirely different from a conventional block built home. There are significant features between these two structures that make a world of difference. The aesthetics of a log cabin are uniquely distinct. Log cabins are cheaper to build and also quicker to build. A two bed Ecohome log cabin can be built in as little as one week. Our log cabins are much better for the environment. Log cabins are approximately 30% more energy efficient than a block built house. Log cabins are also a lot healthier to live in than conventional block built homes.


The aesthetic superiority of log cabins versus block built home is very obvious. Often log cabins are built with the surrounding landscape in mind. Since this organic material comes from nature, log cabins naturally integrate into the landscape rather than being awkwardly imposed on it like block builds often are.


Log cabins are much cheaper to build than conventional block built homes for a number of reasons. The cost of labour is way less due to the speed at which our cabins are built. The cost of materials is much lower than for concrete homes. Brick is a much more expensive material compared to wood. The amount of energy that goes into producing concrete leads to an increase in its cost to the consumer.

Quicker to build

Log cabins are built quickly, with less mess. Our log cabins are produced in a high-tech factory with all pieces cut to size. There is no need for on-site adjustments on delivery. All the pieces of wood just slot into place. A log cabin can be built in a number of days reducing labour costs. In a brick built home each block has to be handled multiple times, concrete to be applied to each block and each blocked to be placed perfectly etc.

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Environmentally friendly

There can be no doubt that the carbon footprint of concrete production is massive. The materials that are required to build log cabins are ecologically and environmentally friendly. It requires less energy to build a log cabin then it does to build a standard home. It requires less energy production to harvest wood than what is needed to manufacture other materials for building.

With the construction of a log cabin, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, being as about ten percent of all CO2 global emissions are brought about due to the production of concrete. The statistics state that with each production of a ton of concrete, there is also a ton of CO2 produced. At Ecohome we also aim to do everything we can for the environment and all the timber we use in the construction of our cabins is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). No timber is wasted as even the offcuts are used in glue laminate manufacturing – and sawdust is reconstituted into wood pellets for stoves. When you reside in a log cabin, your carbon footprint is minimised.

Healthy environment

Log cabins are actually healthier to live in than brick built homes. There is very little dust in a log cabin due to the absence of plasterboard walls. The natural wood walls exude a warmth that you will not get from plasterboard. Log cabins can reflect sound in a natural way helping everyone to relax by creating a calm atmosphere.


You do not need a complicated heating system in a log cabin as the timber itself provides good thermo insulation. If the timber has been well processed and dried, it will provide good thermo insulation even in winter. Timber walls accumulate warmth and distribute it evenly in the inside space. Another advantage of log cabins is that they get warm quickly while it takes a relatively long time for them to cool down.

Another reason log cabins are seen as more environmentally friendly than brick built homes is because of the logs natural ability to absorb, store and slowly release heat over time. This is referred to as ‘thermal mass’. Log walls naturally moderate temperature swings inside the home year-round, consequently reducing the amount of energy used to heat and cool the home.

Noise Reduction

Log cabins are often quieter than brick built homes due to the same thermal mass that provides energy efficiency and the sound deafening effects of wood walls.

Log homes are easy to work with due to their lightweight materials. A log cabin from Ecohome offers a sophisticated, timeless, and all-natural, cosy ambiance. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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