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What types of windows are suitable for a log cabin

Oct, 2018

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Windows are a very important part of your Ecohome log cabin

They let in light; they keep the heat in and they are a wonderful feature. So, which windows do you choose when buying your cabin from Ecohome Log Cabins?

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Few things to consider before getting windows

Before purchasing any window for your log cabin, there are a few important issues that you will need to take into consideration:

Efficiency – a window should not only provide light and ventilation. You also want it to be energy efficient to prevent heat loss through the windows. Look for products that have certified energy efficient ratings.

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Surroundings – You should consider the overall look of your log cabin from the inside and the outside. If you have got a beautiful view, you are going to want big windows to take in this view. Also, you may want your main living room windows to be south facing to get the best light of the day and benefit from more solar gain.

Budget – Different materials have varying costs. You may have to increase your budget to get the style you want or you may have to sacrifice some things to stay within your budget.

Double glazing – If you have thick log walls, you may wish to have double or triple glazed windows and doors installed. For the best advice, speak to our sales team we can assist you with sourcing high quality windows.

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Wooden vs PVC frames – The standard windows in all of our log cabins is timber but if prefer, we can also offer you PVC windows. Our wooden frames are beautiful, high quality, strong and durable, they are built to last as long as you maintain them. PVC on the other hand requires less maintenance but you are loosing the natural beauty of timber frames. PVC windows come in a wide range of colours.

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Caulking – window caulking is used for wooden windows if there are cracks or gaps in the window frame or area around it. With a log cabin, it is important that you regularly assess the condition of the walls around the windows and doors to continually improve or monitor its energy efficiency.

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Window type

When considering the type of windows that you want to have installed in your log cabin, it is important to factor in the design and location of your home. There are a number of window types that you could choose from:

  • Fixed – A fixed panel window is one that is fitted in place and doesn’t move or open. This is commonly seen in garden sheds.
  • Inward opening – As the name suggests, this type of window opens inwards. There are hinges at the top or bottom of the frame to allow the window to be opened and closed
  • Casement – As casement window is pretty much like the standard residential windows. The hinges are at the side or sides of the frame and one or two windows can be opened outwards. These windows are suitable for places with issues with the wind.
  • Sash – A sash window is one that opened by sliding the moveable part of the frame up or down, depending on how it has been designed.
  • Slider – Sections that slide open to one side. They are like sliding doors only smaller.


When you eventually decide on the type of windows that you will have, it’s time for installation. Make sure that they are properly fitted without any gaps around the edges. They also need to be fully secured. If they are not installed correctly, they will not be efficient in reducing heat loss from inside or sound from outside.

At Ecohome Log Cabins we have a wide range of log cabins to suit all of your needs, contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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