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What type of roof can I have on my log cabin

The roof is the crowning glory of any build.  Choosing the right style and type of roof for your log cabin is essential to prevent the build up of water or in some cases, snow.  There are a variety of styles and types to choose from to suit your specific needs.


Roof Styles

Flat – A flat roof is considered to be an old fashioned style.  It’s a cheap alternative, but the downside is that because it’s flat, water build up is greater.  If you want to have a flat roof style, then you should consider having one that is slightly sloped – this means that one wall will be higher than it’s opposite counterpart.  This sloped effect will allow rain water to run off it and reduce build up which can cause damage.


Hip to gable – A hopped roof is commonly seen on standard brick build houses.  Basically, it means that there is a central ridge that the highest point.  The gable element is where two of the external walls are constructed to meet the hipped part of the roof.  However, even if you opt for a hip to gable roof, there are a number of different styles that you could also choose from, these are;


  • Classic – The classic roof variant has a slope of 19 degrees. You can even opt to vary this and have a 30 or 10 degree slope.  If you want to add loft space to your log cabin, then you can ask for a higher slope with the maximum angle being 42 degrees.


  • Pyramid – The pyramid roof is, as the name suggests, designed to resemble a pyramid. Each of the four roof sides are sloped to meet in the middle to create a pyramid effect.


  • Dutch – The Dutch style is a combination of a 42 and 24 degree angled roof. The overall effect means that the roof does just drop straight down from the central pitch, but has a gradual decline.  This roof style is also useful if you want to make optimum use of the loft space.



Roof Types

Tuin – Tuin or roof felt is the cheapest option for finishing any timber build roof.  This type of material is typically used for sheds, garages or summer houses.


Tiles – If you’ve build a log cabin that you plan to use as a home, then some form of roof tiles is the best option.  You can choose from a variety of roof tiles to install on to your cabin.

  • Metal – Metal tiles are cheap and easy to fix. You can get them in a variety colours and sizes


  • Sheet tiles – Sheet tiles are a sheet of tiles. They offer a greater coverage area that single tiles, which can make installation quicker


  • Plastic – Plastic tiles are commonly designed to look like slate tiles. These are a relatively cheap option and provide good coverag


  • Natural – At the top of the budget are the natural tiles. This group includes slate and other stone tiles.


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