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What steps are needed to have a log cabin built?

Building your log cabin is essentially the biggest step that you’ll embark on.  Obviously, the iniital stages are purchasing the land, clearing it and negotiating any required permissions – but after that it’s time to build.  So, where do you start?



You’ll need a variety of equipment ready before the build can start.  It’s best to ensure that you have the following tools;

  • Screwdrivers
  • Rubber mallet
  • Gloves
  • Saw
  • Set square
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Sharp knife
  • Ladders – high enough to reach roof level




Before starting, it’s always a good idea to do an inventory check.  This means that you lay out all of the pieces required to build your cabin and compare these parts against any instructions.  This should reduce any chances of the possible realisation that a crucial piece is missing half-way through the build.


The Base

The most common form of base that’s used, is a concrete one.  If this is your choice, then you’ll need to mix the cement and lay it.  Make sure that the ground is level before you begin, and that’s level when the concrete has been laid.  If the concrete base isn’t level, it will have a huge impact on the rest of the log cabin build.  If you have chosen to use a different form of base, again make sure that it is level.



You can’t build a timber house directly onto the base.  If you do this, then you run the risk a damp creeping up from the ground and warping your construction.  To avoid this, it’s best to lay some form of barrier.  This can be achieved by laying joists, or wooden beams that lift the cabin off the ground, or by incorporating a raised platform.  Again make sure that these are level and that your whole ground area is level.



Now you are ready to lay the initial sub-floor.  The sub-flooring needs to be laid in the opposite direction to the joists.  By laying them in alternative directions will prevent the cabin collapsing if there is movement



Start to install the frame work for the walls.  This is often a two person job as you will need to secure them as you build.  It’s often better to build opposite end walls as this helps to keep the build stable.  Once the frame work is complete for all four walls, you can start to fit the logs and build the external walls.  Leave gaps for windows and doors.



Once the walls are in place, you can fit your roof.  Initially, this will mean building the outer frame, but once that is in place you can attach the external boards or membrane and roof tiles if necessary.


Windows and Doors

After the basic construction has been completed, you can fit your windows and doors.  It’s important to this before starting any internal work, as this will keep your cabin secure.



The last part of the external build, is to apply your chosen treatment to the wood.  The right treatment will help you timber home to last longer.  It is essential that any treatment is applied as soon as the external build has been completed.


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