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What are the different types of log cabin I can have?

A log cabin, is a cabin or home that is made from logs.  Timber homes have grown in popularity over recent years because they are environmentally friendly, they look good, are fully customisable and carry a reasonable price tag when compared with other home building products.  Because a log cabin can be altered or constructed to suit your specific needs, there are a number of different types and styles.


Log Cabin Uses

Garage – Having a garage to store you car in, is a perfect use for your log cabin.  By having a garage for your car (even if you don’t actually put your car in it), can help to bring down your insurance costs.


Garden room – One of the most popular uses for a timber construction, is a garden room or a summer house.  You could turn it into your own personal office space or workshop.


Home – Having a log cabin as your home is a growing use.  You will need to consider planning permissions and other aspects, such as insulation etc, but there is absolutely no reason why you can have a log cabin constructed to reside in.  Alternatively, you may want to use it as a holiday home and rent it out during the summer months.  The possibilities are endless.


Annexe – If your garden is big enough and you need options for relatives coming to stay, then having a timber home as an annexe is a great solution.  With a log home, your friends and family will benefit from having their own space, whilst also being close to you.  Depending on the size of the building, you will need to consider what planning and building permissions are required.



Timber home wood variety

There are two main types of wood that are used to construct a log cabin, these are;


Spruce – Spruce is a long lasting timber that has long been known for being resistant to decay.  It is also strong enough to resist any infestations from wood insects.


Pine – The bread of pine used in log cabin construction is generally Scandinavian pine.  This is a popular choice because it is can withstand cold temperatures due to the slow growing process that it undergoes.  Scandinavian pine is also a much cheaper material than it’s Spruce counterpart.



Hand Vs Machine crafted

Hand – a hand crafted timber homes means that the walls are made from natural logs.  This type is full of natural features that remain even after they have been treated.  With a hand crafted logs, you can build a home that is completely unique.


Machine – If you are looking to construct your home so that it has a uniform look to it with precise measurements, then a machine profiled log cabin is the choice for you.  Here the logs used to make the walls are turned so that they end up looking the same.  This is a great option if you need to build something that will fit a specific space or measurement.


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