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How to look after log house

Tips for Maintaining Your Log Cabin

Owning a log house comes with many rewards.  But it also comes with some responsibility as well.  If you have pride in ownership you will want to keep your home in top shape.  To do so you will need to properly maintain your house all year long.  Today we are going to learn some basic tips that can help keep your timber cabin looking its best!


Getting Rid of Mold

Mold can be a real issue for wood homes.  Rain often splatters onto logs which gives mold a perfect place to colonize.  To get rid of unsightly mold all you have to do is make a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent bleach.  Put this mixture into a spray bottle and give those mold patches on the logs a healthy soaking. After you have let it set for a while, scrub it down with a brush and spray it clean with a water hose.   Remember you should wear gloves and avoid getting the mixture on your clothing because it will cause stains.


Caulking Those Cracks

Cracking is a common issue with log cabin homes but luckily, they are easy to deal with.  While cracking may look bad it does not affect the integrity of the home.  To fix cracks all you need is some log approved caulking and a caulking gun. Simply fill up the cracks with the caulking and let it dry before sanding or sealing.  By filling in cracks you will prevent water damage and it will help keep bugs out of the wood.


Sealing Up Any Airholes

As your house settles it may develop some air holes.  These holes can let in the outside air, making it harder to heat and cool your home.  While searching for airholes pay close attention to doors and windows because these are the most common areas to have them.  To seal off any air holes that you may find you will need to use spray foam. This foam will expand and once dries it will harden and fill up even the smallest holes. Spray foam comes in a wide variety of brands, so finding one in your local hardware store won’t be difficult.


Staining Your Home

If your cabin home is more than 5 years old, it is probably time to give it another coat of stain.  Staining your home can be a fun project and getting everyone in your family involved will make the process go faster.  Before you begin the staining process, make sure that you wash down your home with a water hose and remove any dirt.  You can also scrub the wood down with a brush to ensure all the dirt has been removed.  This will give you a clean surface to work with and the strain will be able to penetrate the wood.

These are just a few of the basic maintenance tips that you can use to help make your wood house a better place to live in.  Remember that keeping up with home projects will allow your home to look its best.


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