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Timber cracking is it natural process?

Oct, 2021

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Yes most definitely!

Timber cracking and splitting is a natural process and it can be particularly prevalent during Summer months as the wood adapts to drier surroundings. However, this cracking does not affect the integrity of the timber and is not a cause for concern. It is often noticeable on timber posts such as those in swings sets and tree houses.

These types of posts are sensitive to moisture content in the air and atmospheric changes may lead to cracks. Wood shrinks in drier conditions and expands in damper conditions.

Cracking is a natural process

Before purchasing a timber log cabin it is important to understand that cracking is a natural process. Wood can shrink, expand and crack as it adapts to its environment.

These cracks are not defects. To fix cracks all you need is some log approved caulking and a caulking gun. Simply fill up the cracks with the caulking and let it dry before sanding or sealing. By filling in cracks you will prevent water damage and it will help keep bugs out of the wood.

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EcoHome uses best quality wood 

Timber is a fantastically durable material and once it is well maintained it will last a lifetime. The high quality, kiln dried Scandinavian Spruce timber we use at Ecohome is as good as it gets when it comes to timber for construction. These trees are very slow growing, and the grain is super-tight, so there will be no warping or bending in your log cabin walls, floors or roof.

With an Ecohome log cabin you are investing in a timber home that is of premium quality and with regular maintenance it will stand the test of time.

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