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The Benefits of building a residential log cabin

Mar, 2021

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If you have ever dreamed of owning a beautiful log cabin, then you are not alone. Every year the popularity of log cabin homes has steadily increased and for good reason. There are many benefits of owning a log cabin so let’s learn more about them!

They Are Nice and Cosy

Log cabin homes are uniquely designed to keep you warm during those cold winter months. Cabins that are well insulated will save you money on heating and you will feel nice and cosy. Our cabins are built with high-quality materials, that will last a lifetime. With proper care, your log cabin will last you many wonderful years. Cabins have that rustic look that many people are looking for and this adds to the ambiance of the home.

They are Highly Affordable

No matter what your budget is, you should be able to find a log cabin home to meet your needs. Log cabin come in a wide range of different sizes for you to choose from. So if you want a log cabin home to call your own, but your budget is not large, you can still get to enjoy one of the more affordable models. There are one-bedroom options that won’t break the bank and if you do have a larger budget you can choose to add additional rooms.

They are a Place to Escape

With our log cabin in your own back garden you can have your own space to do as you wish and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Built to your exact specifications your cabin is an ideal get away to relax.

They are Extra Space for your Family

With a log cabin you could include multiple rooms for extra living space for your older children and bedrooms for when people come to visit. They are also a wonderful option as a granny flat for elderly relatives who no longer wish to live alone.

They are Versatile

In addition to a room for the family and a place for guests to stay, our cabins have a variety of different uses such as a gym , a home office, a games room or a man cave. The list is endless!! Our log cabins are an extension to the space available in your own home, and whatever you would use an extra room or two for in your house can also be done in a log cabin. From working to entertaining, from sleeping to learning a new skill, you can do anything you want in an Ecohome log cabin.

They Make Great Holiday Homes

Many people are looking for a special place to spend their holiday. Some have property in the countryside and this would be the perfect location for a vacation home. Log cabins are a great place to get away from it all and enjoy time with the family. Some choose to go the rustic route keeping things simple by not adding electricity. Others like the comfort of modern life and may decide to go fully electric. But no matter what your taste is, a log cabin will make the perfect retreat for your family and friends.

Environmentally friendly and Energy Efficient

Our log cabins are built from high quality Scandinavian spruce and are highly energy efficient. They are warm and retain heat in the winter and are cooler in warmer weather. As our cabins are built from natural materials, the environmental impact is low.

They Can Be Built in Just A Few Days

One of the benefits of owning a log cabin home is the fact that they can be built very quick. After your new cabin kit is delivered, our team from EcoHome Log Cabins can erect the cabin in just a few days and some cabins can be put together in just one working day. This, of course, all depends on the size of your log home and how many hours we have to work on it.

These are just a few of the benefits of owning a log home. Cabins are cosy and make the perfect place to get away from the hustle of life. No matter what your budget is, it won’t be hard to find a cabin to meet your needs. So if you have dreamed of owning a cabin, why not make it a reality? You just might be surprised at how wonderful cabin ownership can be! Get in touch today and change your family’s life.

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