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Office Log Cabin in your backgarden? Why not?

Feb, 2021

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Many people are now discovering the joys of working from home – no commute, proper meal breaks and lots more family time. Also, without the journeys to and from work, you will have an extra hour or two to spare each day and more money in your pocket. We are all learning that the ways we worked and used our time prior to this pandemic may not have been as efficient as we once thought.

Building an Eco-home office log cabin provides you with a dedicated work space in your garden

Given the amount of people who are no longer able to travel to work with lockdown restrictions many people are enquiring about building a home office in their gardens. One of the difficulties of working from home is separating home and work life. If your desk is in the living room or your papers are spread over the kitchen table it can be hard to switch off. A major advantage of having a home office in your garden is that you can segregate your work time and home life. You avoid the distractions of day time television, parcel deliveries and children eager to help mummy or daddy with their paperwork. Building an Eco-home office log cabin provides you with a dedicated work space in your garden, away from the distractions of home life. You can however still wear your slippers!!

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With our office log cabins you can save money without sacrificing on quality

Our office log cabins come in a wide range of styles to suit every taste and garden. There are many advantages in choosing a log cabin over traditional brick extensions. They are eco-friendly AND cost-efficient. Timber is a material that can naturally hold heat, which means you will be spending less on heating bills. Timber also has thermal mass which means that your log cabin will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year ensuring better insulation while using less energy. Log cabins are approximately 30% more energy efficient than a traditional extension. It has never been easier to reduce your impact on the environment while expanding your existing property. With our office log cabins you can save money without sacrificing on quality. As our cabins are delivered in a flat pack kit which includes detailed instructions, you can choose to assemble it yourself saving on construction costs.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right office log cabin for you

Choosing the right size cabin

Your garden space and your budget will determine what size office log cabin you choose. You should also consider your type of business. If you need a space away from a distracting crowded house, you may just need room for a desk, chair and printer. If you need lots of file storage, you may also need space for shelves and filing cabinets. For those who will need to see clients or will want to meet with colleagues, space for an extra table and chairs may be required. You may also want an area for making tea/coffee, a fridge and maybe a toilet. You could maximise your outdoor space with the beautiful relaxing veranda where you could enjoy a coffee on your mid morning break.

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Heating and Insulation

Its important to make sure your office log cabin is pleasant and comfortable to work in all year around. Warm weather and cold weather can be catered for with suitable ventilation and heating. A log cabin can be fitted with any conventional form of heating. You can heat a log cabin in the same way as you would heat a brick built house. You can use a log burner or a solid fuel stove. You can use a natural gas stove or boiler. You can have an oil burner. There are endless options available with electrical heaters. Storage heaters are a great choice. You could even put in underfloor heating or build in an air to air heat exchanger. We have also seen solar powered heaters used in our cabins and it is also possible to have solar PV panel professionaly installed. Everything is possible.

Similar to a brick built house as long as your log cabin is well built, well insulated and draught proof, you will have no issues heating it. Our cabins are specifically designed for the harsh Irish climate with damp-proof membranes and extra window seals and sealants. Our cabin foundations are designed to prevent moisture seeping into the structure, this ensures a longer lifespan and prevents mound, mildew and wood rot. Our log cabins retain 40% more heat than brick or block built homes. Also, thicker walls can be ordered for greater heat and sound insulation.

Planning Permission Requirements

According to Ireland’s Local Government (Planning and Development Act )1963, an office garden log cabin up to 25sq meters does not require planning permission. For bigger cabins, we would advise you to check with your local council regarding planning permission before construction. Some local authorities will allow the construction of a log cabin over 25sq meters without planning permission while others will not.


Security is a must if you will have valuable equipment in your office log cabin. Doors and windows should have locks that meet your insurers’ requirements. A passive infra red light can be fitted. You could also have an alarm system that is linked to your house. Window shutters are an attractive and effective security measure. Planting prickly or thorny plants such as holly or berberis can act as effective detergents when planted strategically such as underneath windows. Also, creating a gravel path makes it impossible to approach the cabin inconspicuously.


You may want to put aside some of your budget for an electrican. A qualified electrician will be able to run a cable through your garden to your office log cabin. You will then have an easy supply of electicity for computers, lights, printers, kettles etc.

Plug in wifi boosters will ensure your internet connection reaches your office log cabin.


You can choose a cabin with plenty of windows and double doors to provide good natural light during the day. By installing mains power to your cabin you can choose from a variety of lighting options. For example, spotlights, desk lamps, fluorescent striplighting or recessed downlighters.

Also consider exterior lighting for walking back and forth to your cabin when it is dark.

Better quality of life

With an office log cabin from Eco-home you can reduce your stress, increase your wellbeing and be much more productive. On top of this you can spend that extra time in any way that enhances your life such as spending more time with your family. This better quality of life will also benefit the planet with reduced travel and our cabins are build from sustainable materials.

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