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My Neighbour is building a Log Cabin – Do they need Planning Permission?

With log cabins becoming more and more popular, the chances are that your neighbours will soon want to enjoy a getaway of their own. If their log cabin is on their property next to yours and a stand-alone structure, this may leave you with questions regarding planning permission. Today, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about when planning permission is needed when it comes to log cabins.

When you suddenly see your neighbour starting to build something new in their outdoor space, it can be alarming and it is common to worry about a new log cabin negatively effecting your own property. But it is important to remember that there are rules and regulations that are going to protect your property and if there is major work about to happen, they will need to apply for planning permission first.

Generally, the regulations in Ireland mean that your neighbours can carry out minor work in their outdoor space in certain circumstances and this can apply when they are building a smaller log cabin. This means that there should be no significant impact to your property or for your neighbourhood and no planning permission is needed. But there are rules when a development becomes bigger and if a log cabin becomes a larger project then planning permission will be required before they can build it in their outdoor space.

So, what are the rules specially for exempt development in Ireland? Well, it will be your neighbour’s responsibility to get approval to build a log cabin that is over 20 square meters. If it is not sought, this will cause a lot of problems later down the line. But if it is under 20 square meters, no planning permission will be required and they will be able to freely build their log cabin the way that they want to. There are several structures that will be exempt development, which includes log carports, signage, temporary structures and any other type of log cabin or home.

The best thing you can do if you are concerned about the new log cabin in your neighbour’s outdoor space is to discuss it with them. They will be able to tell you the plans that they have and you can work it out together. In addition, if they need planning permission, you can remind them that they need to have it in order to make sure it does not negative effect your property.


We Want to Build a Quality Extension, but on a Budget – How Can we Do This?

It is common for people to outgrow the size of their home, whether you now have children or simply need more living space to feel comfortable. But, we also know how expensive and stressful it can be to build an extension to your own. A traditional extension can take months to build, with lots of disrupting build work at your home and it can burn a big whole in your pocket. So, the best alternative that we can suggest for building an extension on a budget is by choosing a log home. There are lots of options to suit your needs, such as a getaway log cabin, log office and even a garden log house.

What we love about log cabins is that they are a more affordable extension for your home.  No matter what your budget is, there is always a size and type of log cabin to suit your needs. Of course, just because a log cabin is cheaper than a traditional extension does not mean that it is less reliable. In fact, there are quality log cabins that are made to the highest standard that will ensure your extension is high-end and attractive. A lot of the models are now available with quality windows and doors, as well as made from strong and durable timber. This will last a long time and be able to deal with Ireland weather.

When you choose a log cabin assembly kit, you don’t have to pay for builders either. You and a friend can simply construct your log cabin by yourself without any help. They arrive with detailed instructions that will show you how to build your log cabin.

In fact, log cabins possess even more advantages over a traditional extension when it comes to insulation. Timber has thermal mass, which means that your log cabin will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. This means there is better insultation and less energy to be used. In fact, log cabins are said to be 15 to 20 percent more energy efficient that a traditional extension.


We are thinking about Building a new Log Garage – Do we Need Planning Permission?

Log garages are becoming the new way to keep your vehicle safe and sheltered from Ireland weather. This is because they are durable, long lasting and look attractive for your property. We would definitely recommend choosing a log garage over other carports and structures. There are lots of designs that you will love and now they are more sophisticated than ever. For example, you can choose a log garage that has a locked garage and a carport for two vehicles, as well as featuring roof shingles to complement your property.

Naturally, a lot of homeowners worry that they will need planning permission for a new log garage on their property. The answer depends on how big your new long garage will be and it is important to check this to make sure that you are abiding by the rules in your area. After all, there can be bad consequences if you don’t that could lead to your log garage having to be brought down at a later date. Rules and regulations state that you do not need planning permission for structures that are under 20 square meters. A log carport or garage is classed as exempt development, which means that as long as it is not too big, there will be no problems in starting the building process on your land and you won’t need anyone to check over your plans. Of course, if your log garage is above 20 square meters you will need permission before you start building it. This makes sure that your new structure does not negatively interfere with your neighbours or anyone else in the area.

In summary, we would definitely recommend building a log garage over other vehicle structures due to their dependability and style. They are easy to build yourself and you can save money too. It can even help bring down your car insurance. If your log garage is under 20 square meters you won’t need planning permission, but if it is, make sure that you follow the rules to ensure there are no problems with building your new log garage.


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