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Log cabin security – Things to consider

If you have a garden office, summerhouse or log cabin, you should consider security and how to discourage any would be criminals. Whilst it is unfortunate that burglaries happen, they do, and it’s important to protect yourself and your home from intrusion. There are several ways to improve the security of your cabin, and some of them are relatively cost effective too.


Firstly, you will need to ensure that all doors and windows are lockable. In terms of summer houses and sheds, the locks will be on the outside – such as a sturdy padlock. If the only protection is a padlock, they not to store too many valuable items inside it. However, for an office or home, you’ll want something more stable – if this is the case, then it’s better to have windows and doors that lock from the inside.

Security grilles

Security grilles or window bars, are exactly what they sound like. These are lockable and retractable bars that are fitted to the outside of your windows. The downside to these, is that they don’t tend to look very attractive, but they are stable and secure.


CCTV works best when combined with security lighting. External cameras are installed and fitted to the walls of your cabin so that they can capture images of intruders. If you opt for this measure, then make sure that the cameras are set in a suitable position. If they look out onto the street or onto a neighbours property, then you’ll need to ask for their permission before having them installed.

Plant power

Natural defences in the garden can also be used as a deterrent for would be burglars. Holly and other prickly plants will not only cause someone to think twice about entering, but they will cause them slight harm too. For best results, try to place these natural alarms under windows or next to external walls. If you have a wooden trellis on your garden fences or walls, then this is a perfect place to plant your prickly defenders.

Lock things away

It may sound obvious, but don’t advertise yourself to thieves. Make sure that ladders, stools and other tools that you keep outside are securely attached to something. An even better option would be to store the valuable tools in a secure building. Again, make sure that the tool shed is protected and locked

Get an alarm

If a brick built home can have an alarm system installed, then why can’t a timber home? The answer is simple – both can have them. If you are going to use your log cabin to live in, then get a burglar alarm fitted. You can have the silent kind or the noisy ones, and both should help to prevent your home from being invaded. Just remember to set it up before you leave the house. In addition to this, some alarm systems have motion detection, which means that it can protect you and your home whilst you are in and sleeping.


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