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Laying your log cabin floor boards

Your log cabin will need floor boards so that you can fit insulation underneath it, and carpet or wood flooring over the top of it. Laying your log cabin floor boards is a relatively straightforward and easy process to complete.

Laying your log cabin floor boards

Work from one side of your cabin to the other. The floor boards should run in the opposite direction to the weight bearers underneath. Start with one board and attach it securely to the beams below – then continue working in this way until all the boards have been fitted into place.

Where you have gaps due to the all the floor boards not fitting perfectly in to place, you will need to cut them down and shunt them in to place. Make sure that there aren’t any gaps in the wood. Once this process has been completed, you will need to add a sealant to prevent rising damp from the ground below.


If you are planning on living in your cabin, you will need to meet certain building regulations, and this means having insulation installed. It’s much easier to fit the insulation as part of the process when laying the floor boards. Doing it at the earliest opportunity also saves money as well. You will effectively be creating a second floor.

Firstly, you will need to lay a protective membrane over the lower floor boards, this will act as an extra layer of protection from rising damp and it will ensure that your insulation works well.

When this as been done, you can install additional weight bearing beams. Try to lay these at a different angle to the lower beams. Use beams that are slightly bigger than your insulation material as you will need to ensure that there is an air gap between the material and the new floor boards. You will need these beams so that you can secure the additional floor boards to them.

When all the new beams have been fixed into place, you can start to lay your insulation material. Rockwool is ideal because it’s thick, lightweight and good at keeping in warmth. If you don’t want to use rockwool, then any wool based insulation product will work just as well. Lay the insulation material between the beams. Don’t worry too much if you have an overhang or you cut the length too short – you can fill the gaps with extra wool. The bonus with rockwool, is that because it feels like wool you can squash it into small spaces.

Once all your insulation material is in place, you can attach your floorboards. Again, start from one side and work across, attaching them to the beams below. Remember to attach the new floorboards in a different direction to the beams below.

To Finish

Once all of your new floorboards have been fixed securely in place, add another layer of sealant. After this has been done, you are ready to complete the look by fitting your chosen internal flooring. Natural wood flooring works well in a log cabin, but you can choose anything you want.


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