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Log House 100mm Outside Wall Insulation

How to insulate a log cabin

As with a standard brick built home, log cabins also require insulation.  You may think that wood is a natural insulter, and you would be right to a certain extent.  Wood does provide a natural warmth, depending on the thickness of logs used.  However, even thick logs aren’t enough to fend off harsh winter temperatures, which means that insulation is needed.


Common insulation types

There are a number of ways to insulate your timber home, and a number of products you can use.  Below are the most common types.  Please also note that you’ll need to cover them with a layer of plywood to keep them secure.


Rockwool – This can be purchased in packs and will range in price depending on the thickness and quantity of the wool.

Board-based – This consists thick foam which is sandwiched together in a thermal layer.  It’s easy to cut with a sharp knife.

Polystyrene – This is a man-made product and is quite brittle.  This is often the cheapest option.

How to insulate your cabin

Once you have chosen what type of insulation you want to use, it’s time to get insulating.  The following methods should help;


Floor – Ensure that the floor space is clear of any dust or debris.  You may also want to lay-down a protective plastic membrane before adding any insulation.  Once this is done, or not, simply cut your insulation type to fit between the floor joists.  Then cover the floor area with plywood board.  The outer plywood will need to be fitting so that it runs over the insulation – but not in the same direction.

If you’ve already constructed your log cabin with a flat floor, you are essentially creating a second floor for insulation purposes.  To do this, fit floor joists and bearers, and then follow the above method.  Remember to take this into consideration when constructing your log cabin.


Walls – If you haven’t already added bearers into your wall joists, you will need to do this now.  It’s very hard to fit one whole piece of insulation from ceiling to floor.  The best method is to have a break in between, which is created by the bearers.  Once you’ve installed the bearers, cut the insulation type to fit, and attach it.  If you are using rockwool, this could be a two person job.  Hide your insulation by fitting the outer plywood boards.


Roof – Insulating the roof of any home, is the hardest but most important task.  It’s important because a majority of heat is lost through the roof.  It’s hard because of it’s height and varying degrees of awkwardness that relate to this.  The easiest way to insulate the roof, is to do it from outside.  This means that, as with the floor, you are basically creating a second roof.  Create external joists and bearers on the outside of your roof, lay your insulation type and over with plywood.  Once the whole area has been recovered, you can then attach the roof felt or roof tiles.


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