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How to fit the doors and windows

Having correctly fitting windows and doors will not only protect your log home from poor weather conditions, it will also increase security measures. Whilst fitting your doors and windows correctly may first seem like a daunting process at first, once you choose which method you’re going to use, it’s actually quite simple.


There are two ways that you can fit windows and doors into your timber home and these are explained below. Although both are fairly self explanatory;
Built in during the build – This means that as you are constructing your walls, you incorporate your windows and doors into the building process. It means that when you’ve finished your log home, it will already have the door and windows in.
Added after completion – This is perhaps a more well known method, as it means that you build your cabin, but leave gaps where the doors and windows will be fitting once the construction has been completed.

The Process

Before fitting your doors into the wall, you will need to make sure that there is a flat surface for the threshold bar to attached to. This means that wooden walls will need to be marked and smoothed down so that the window or door can be inserted without too many problems. If the gap is too small, you can plane it down. However, if the space is too big, you will need ot make adjustments to your doors and windows so that they fit snugly.

Most standard windows have a cross bar pinned onto them, you can remove this if you wish. In most cases the cross bar isn’t required as long as you secure them into the window space in your cabin wall. The advantage to the cross bar is that it can be an additional decorative feature to sit around your newly installed window.

As you add each window and door, make sure that it is securely fitted and watertight. There can’t be any gaps or holes around the edges of your windows or doors if you want them to be energy efficient and protect the interior from weather damage and damp. Window and door sealant will help with this, as too will ensuring that they are screwed into place. If you do notice that you have gaps, you should really remove the window or door, adjust it and re-insert it.

Double glazing

For extra security and warmth, you may have chosen to have double glazed windows fitted in your cabin. These will need to be supplied pre-glazed, but the fitting process is exactly same as above. The only difference when fitting double glazing is that you will need to make sure that everything fits well. Whilst it may be possible to slightly adjust the doors and windows to fit your walls, it won’t be easy to adjust the walls so that your windows can fit. In addition to this, it’s also worth remembering that double glazing tends to be heavier than standard window and door frames – so if you will need to make sure that your external wall is strong enough to hold the weight of the windows and doors.


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