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How to construct a log cabin base

Getting the base right for your log cabin is important for the rest of the construction. If this isn’t right before you start building, you could end up with an uneven timber home. It’s also very difficult to rectify issues with the base once you’ve completed the building work. Always better to get these things right the first time.


There are a number of different material types that you can choose for your timber home base. The choice largely depends on what you intend to use your log cabin for.

Plastic – Plastic base slabs are light weight, cheap and easy to lay. The slabs can be laid directly on grass or a pre-existing base. However, these should only be used if your timber cabin will be used occasionally or have lightweight objects in it – a summer house or shed are perfect examples of this.

Concrete – Whilst not considered the most environmentally friendly, a concrete base is the best option if you are planning to have a log cabin office or home. Concrete has the advantage of being strong and long-lasting.


Marking – The first thing that you will need to do is to measure and mark-up the chosen site. You can mark the area with spray paint, or pegs and string. This will help to make sure that your building work is done in the right spot, and that you don’t make your base too big or too small. The base will need to be slightly bigger that the log cabin.

Foundations – If you are using plastic slabs, you may not want to do any digging work, however, it can help to construct firmer foundations. With a concrete base, foundations are a must and some light digging is required. You should aim to remove about 150mm of top soil within your marked area

Levelling – No building work can take place if the land isn’t level. Fill your marked area with hardcore and spread it to make sure that it’s level. Place the spirit level diagonally across your marked area, so that you measure from the top to bottom corners.


Plastic slabs – Lay and connect the slabs over your hardcore foundations. Now you can start the timber home building work

Concrete base – there are a few more steps that need to be followed for a concrete base;
Timber shuttering – this helps to keep the concrete in place until it has set. Simply place 100 x 25mm timber posts around the outside of the hardcore foundations. Secure the posts in place and knock them slightly into the ground
Concrete – mix the the concrete as per the instructions and fill the timber frame area. As you fill the area, level it with another timber post. If you use a rubber mallet and tap the levelling timber over the the concrete it will help to remove any air bubbles. Repeat this gentle tapping process around the edge of the frame to also remove any air bubbles.
Remove the frame – once the concrete has completely set, you can remove the timber frame.


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