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How to adjust the windows and doors

Unless you are a skilled carpenter, you’ll probably be in the same boat as many others and will have your log cabin windows and doors made and sent to you. These should be made to measure the required space. However, regardless of how perfect the doors and windows are, you could find that pressure build up around these fixtures because the wood will naturally swell and shrink. So, what can you do and how can you adjust the windows and doors of you timber home.

Made to move

Many window and door suppliers of double glazing will provide fixtures with a U-channel frame – if you hold the frame up, it looks like a U or an upside down U. The channel is designed to fit around the thickness of the walls. Windows and doors of this type of frame are great because, whilst the may look like they are floating, what they do is allow the wood to swell and shrink as part of its natural process. You can still have these windows and doors inserted at the end of you log cabin build, but it might be a better option to have the installed as the walls are being constructed. One important issue to mention, is that regardless of the installation method you opt for, you may notice a gap between the frame and the wood. This is perfectly normal, and it’s designed this way to allow your newly constructed timber home to swell and settle. Once this has been done, the gap should be reduced. Obviously over time you may continue to notice a gap, and again this is a design feature that allows the wood to go through it’s natural process. Even with the slight gap, these windows and doors will provide great insulation and protection from external elements.

Still installation

If your windows and doors are designed to withstand the natural swelling and shrinking of you log home, then you may need to make slight adjustments to the fixtures as the seasons change. If you are going to adjust any of the hinges in your log cabin, you will need to make sure that the windows and doors are fully supported whilst you move them in their hinges. If you don’t support the fixture, then you could damage it or have an unequal adjustment.

Hinge adjustments on the windows

Your window hinges should have an adjustment allowance as part of their makeup. All you need to do is to simply move these to fit your new requirements. You will need to make sure that the upper and lower hinges are adjusted the same amount.

Door Hinge adjustments

Adjusting the door is a similar process to altering the windows in your log home. Because the door is often heavier, it’s a good idea to loosen the hinge screws before making any fixed adjustments. Anyway, once you are ready, move the hinges into their new location and re-fix the door into place. Again, make sure that the upper, lower and middle hinges have been adjusted by the same amount.


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