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How much does it cost to build a log cabin

One of the major advantages to having a log cabin built is its price tag.  Timber home constructions carry a much lighter price tag that brick built houses.  If you have set your heart on having your very own log home, then you will need to scrutinise the budget carefully.  There are a number of things that you will need to take into consideration.


If you haven’t already purchased suitable land, you will need to this.  The land that you purchase needs to have access to the site so that you and your builders can get to it.  It will also need to have permission to build a residential property on it.  You will then need to factor in how you will connect to water, sewage and power supplies.



Whilst gaining planning and building permissions doesn’t cost a huge amount, you do have to pay a fee when you submit an application.  The price of this can vary depending on the size of the development that you want to pursue.  Even if you own the land that you want to develop, you will still need to submit a planning permission request.



There are two main routes that you could choose to construct your log home; self-build or through a company.  Each one has advantages and disadvantages;

  • Self-build – If you are planning on being your own project manager, then you’ll need to factor in the costs of having an architect to design your cabin, builders to erect it and suppliers to provide you with the logs, windows, door etc
  • Company – There are several log home companies where you can buy a catalogue home and have it built for you. Prices may vary, but typically when you purchase the cabin it comes already designed with building costs factored in.



As part of the building process, your new timber home will need to have plumbing, so that you have heating and running water.  It will also need to connect to sewage works, so that used water etc is taken away from your home.  You will need to have access to electricity supplies and heating.  Gaining assess to these services can cost money.  If you are going down the self-build route, then you will have to discuss this with your builder.  Many companies that sell log homes will offer a service package as part of their building process.  The cost for this varies, so speak to them about what they can offer you.


Internal fixtures and fittings

As your home is being built, other elements to factor in to the overall budget are;

  • Insulation – To save on time and money it’s better for this to be done as part of the initial build. Fitting insulation can be hard work and more costly if it’s done at the end
  • Lighting and power – sockets, power switches and light bulb fittings are all things that we take for granted but need to be costed. How many power sockets do you want per room?  Where will the light switches go?


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