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How long do Log cabins last in Ireland?

Jun, 2021

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This is a great question and the answer is a lifetime!

Log cabins that are built correctly and properly maintained will last a lifetime. People often mistakenly believe that log cabins won’t last in Ireland due to the harsh Irish climate. The Irish wind is actually wonderful for keeping the cabins dry after it rains. Our Ecohome log cabins are durable, reliable and very strong. Our timber cabins are built to the highest European standards. We have over 30 years of experience and our premium quality cabins are built to last!

Quality is the Key

The high quality, kiln dried Scandinavian Spruce timber we use is as good as it gets when it comes to timber for construction. These trees are very slow growing, and the grain is super-tight, so there will be no warping or bending in your log cabin walls, floors or roof.

Our Ecohome log cabins are manufactured and built from the finest quality Scandinavian spruce with wall sizes of 28mm, 45mm and 70mm. Wall sizes of 88mm and 132mm made from Glulam laminated timber are also available on bespoke design log cabins.

We produce our own doors and windows and only use laminated pine and spruce in our production. Our doors and windows are of excellent quality. We insist on using Living type premium quality doors and windows in Ireland with ISO glass.

Our top quality cabins are made using profiled interlocking beams. In our assembly process we use the newest machines which guarantee efficiency, high quality and accuracy. We continuously invest in our design and production facilities to ensure that our products meet the high expectations of our customers. This investment in technology and efficiency allows us to keep up with newest trends and evolution of our customers’ needs.

Turnkey Service Option

If you want to have a log cabin designed, built, and fully installed, you may be interested in our log cabin turnkey services. From design to completion, we will be with you every step of the way to create the perfect log cabin for you.

Our partnership with construction company MM ECOBUILD Construction Ltd can provide all services required to complete any project from start to finish. Ground works, concrete base, plumbing, electrics, kitchens, bathroom, flooring, heating systems and more. Our professional painting and decorating service can also work to your requirements to give you a building you can be proud of.

Our complete log cabin turnkey packages provide you with the opportunity to get the log cabin you’ve always wanted with the minimum amount of fuss. All of our installers are fully trained and will always work in a safe and efficient manner. You can be sure that you will always receive top notch service when you choose one of our turnkey packages


Whether you are considering having a log home built or you already have one, maintaining it is vital. The correct maintenance procedures for your cabin will help it to last longer and reduce weather or insect damage. This maintenance is very straight forward. Timber is a fantastically durable material and once is it well maintained it will last a lifetime.


Good drainage is really important for any cabin, as this prevents warping in poor weather conditions. In order to achieve this, you will need to do the following;

Elevation – The build needs to be elevated at least 2 inches off the ground – in other words, under no circumstances should your cabin sit directly on the ground. This is in order to ensure that the cabin never ends up sitting in pool of rainwater on the yard surface. Elevation can be achieved by placing strong bricks or a platform underneath.

Guttering – As with a brick built home, guttering is also important with a timber build so that rain can be directed away from it. You will also need to ensure that leaves and other debris doesn’t accumulate in the guttering as this can impact on it’s effectiveness and will eventually cause water damage to your home.

2.Roof Care

Position – When you are building your log cabin, choose a location where there won’t be too many trees over the roof area. This will help to prevent water build up on the surface.

Eaves – Ideally, you will need to ensure that the roof eaves are wide and hang over the exterior walls. This will prevent water damage to the exterior walls.

Snow – If it snows, you’ll need to try to brush off some of the snowfall from the roof to prevent water build up when it melts. Only do this if it is safe to do so.

Materials – It is often a good idea to have a shingle or tile roof as this will come with a protective membrane to reduce water damage.

3.Paint your cabin

Spending time painting your cabin at the beginning will offer massive protection and you will avoid having to pay for easily avoidable small repairs. You won’t have to repaint your cabin every year.

If your log cabin has not been painted before, you will need to prepare the surface to be painted by sanding it down and cleaning it. Also make sure any knots or cracks are properly sealed. It is important at this stage to use a primer which will allow subsequent layers of paint to be easily applied. If you skip this step any paint you apply may go on unevenly. Primer will also protect the wood. An oil based primer is preferable for painting exterior wood.

The next step is to paint your cabin in your chosen colour. You may find that you will need several coats to get the right cover. Water-based paints tend to cover more smoothly. It is important to finish off the exterior of your cabin with a gloss or a satin paint to offer further protection.

With an Ecohome log cabin you are investing in a timber home that is of premium quality and with regular maintenance it will stand the test of time.

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