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Creating a Private gym in your backyard

Apr, 2021

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We all know it’s vital to take care of both our mental and physical health and the huge benefits of exercise to achieve this. During the ongoing pandemic getting to the gym is no longer an option.

With an Eco-home log cabin you can create your own gym!

You can work out without any distractions and even better, without the expensive gym membership. There are so many advantages to owning your own gym. You can listen to whatever music you like or put in a TV and catch up on your favourite shows while lifting your weights. Imagine having a gym of your own just a few feet away from your backdoor where you can work out whenever you like, day or night. You can wear whatever you like and not feel intimated in any way.

Here are a few useful tips to consider before designing your gym cabin:

Cabin Size

One of the first decisions you should make is the size of the gym you need. How much equipment do you have for the gym or plan to have in the future? A spacious cabin will provide more equipment options. How many people will be attending now or in the future? Do you need extra space for yoga mats?

Storage space should also be planned out so you can keep your gym neat and tidy.

Does the budget allow for a bathroom and shower area? Do you need a changing room? Or are you happy to get changed and cleaned up in your home? It’s only a few steps away, but the convenience of having the complete gym experience in a log cabin is very appealing.


Virtually every machine you would find in a professional gym is available for purchase to be used at home. When choosing your equipment you should consider the space you have available, your fitness needs and of course you budget.

You could choose simple items such as skipping ropes or a stepping box for cardio or invest in a treadmill or spinning bike. Dumbbells will allow for excellent all-round training.

You can put the machines and equipment wherever you want. Why not put them in the order that you would use them in? It makes sense and will make your workout more efficient than it has ever been before.

All of your equipment can be set up ready to use, and all you need to do is step inside your gym log cabin and get exercising.


As your home gym needs to cater for a range of physical activities, you should choose a sturdy wood for the flooring. You should think about the type of equipment you will be using, for example you will need specific rubber matting if you use free weights.

Heating & Ventilation

Adequate ventilation should be considered to control the moisture in the air. Proper ventilation will ensure that your gym has good air circulation. This will prevent air pollutants affecting your health while working out. For an easy ventilation technique you could opt for a gym with large windows to let sufficient air in especially during the summer months.

Heating and air conditioning should also be considered. A heater is definitely necessary for winter months. Our double-glazed windows also help keep your gym warm in the winter as well as allowing you to turn the music up without annoying your neighbours!

Whether you want a warm and cosy space, air conditioning, or even electric heating or underfloor heating, we can accommodate your requirements.


With mains services connected, you can choose the type of lighting that suits you best.

Natural light is a great option. By choosing big windows you can benefit from lots of natural light.


For finishing touches, you can add window blinds for more privacy, mirrors and a great music system. Speakers would be a great addition also.

Setting up benches and squat racks will also be a great idea if your home gym space allows for it.

You can be certain that a gym log cabin is the height of convenience and will help you with your health and fitness journey. Whether you are an experienced gym enthusiast or a beginner, our Ecohome gym log cabins will undoubtedly make a wonderful addition to your home that can be enjoyed for years to come. Please feel free to contact us today and we can talk you through the different options available.

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