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Charred Larch Cladding – Eco-Friendly & Unique Solution

Nov, 2022

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At Eco-home we can char our wood by following a traditional Japanese wood charring method ‘Shou Sugi Ban’, also known as ‘Yakisugi’, which gives our charred timber its unique texture. This wood is preserved with fire. This is the most natural wood preparation method.

Wood preparation with fire not only adds a beautiful colour and texture to the planks; it also ensures preservation from environmental factors such as fire, mould, decay and insects. It also makes it resistant to harsh weather conditions and ensures it is durable over time.

Charred wood is a unique and modern solution for a variety of designs. It can be used for exteriors as well as interiors. For exteriors it is mainly used for cladding. The stunning natural finish of our charred cladding negates the need to add harmful substances as a preservative

We can use these charring techniques at our factory to cater for our clients who want this beautiful finish on their log cabin. Contact us today and we can talk you through the various options and colours available.

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