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How to construct a log cabin base

Getting the base right for your log cabin is important for the rest of the construction. If this isn’t right before you start building, you could end up with an uneven timber home. It’s also very difficult to rectify issues with the base once you’ve completed the building work. Always better to get these things […]

What are the different types of log cabin I can have?

A log cabin, is a cabin or home that is made from logs.  Timber homes have grown in popularity over recent years because they are environmentally friendly, they look good, are fully customisable and carry a reasonable price tag when compared with other home building products.  Because a log cabin can be altered or constructed […]

Can I build a veranda for my log home

A veranda or external seating area not only allows for alfresco dining during the summer months, but it can also add some much needed extra space. The simple answer to whether or not you can build a veranda into you log home, is yes. If you have ever installed decking in a garden, it will […]

What steps are needed to have a log cabin built?

Building your log cabin is essentially the biggest step that you’ll embark on.  Obviously, the iniital stages are purchasing the land, clearing it and negotiating any required permissions – but after that it’s time to build.  So, where do you start?   Equipment You’ll need a variety of equipment ready before the build can start.  […]

What type of roof can I have on my log cabin

The roof is the crowning glory of any build.  Choosing the right style and type of roof for your log cabin is essential to prevent the build up of water or in some cases, snow.  There are a variety of styles and types to choose from to suit your specific needs.   Roof Styles Flat […]

Decorating your log cabin interior

Log cabins are not like brick built home, and one of the benefits is that they an very different look and feel to them. This unique appeal makes decorating the interior incredibly enjoyable. Having a comfortable timber home means adding warmth and solace. But there are a few other things that you’ll need to take […]

Log cabin roof construction

When you’ve finished constructing the walls of your cabin, it’s time to add the roof. Remember to follow the plans in terms of the type of roof that you’ll be adding. You can any type of roof except a flat one. A flat roof doesn’t offer anywhere for water to flow off, which means that […]

What permissions are needed for log cabin construction?

Knowing what official steps you need to achieve to have your dream timber home built is probably the most important stage after securing the land.  If you’ve purchased land with planning permission to build a dwelling, it doesn’t always mean that you can start building – you’ll still need to check.  The current Irish planning […]

Laying your log cabin floor boards

Your log cabin will need floor boards so that you can fit insulation underneath it, and carpet or wood flooring over the top of it. Laying your log cabin floor boards is a relatively straightforward and easy process to complete. Laying your log cabin floor boards Work from one side of your cabin to the […]

How much does it cost to build a log cabin

One of the major advantages to having a log cabin built is its price tag.  Timber home constructions carry a much lighter price tag that brick built houses.  If you have set your heart on having your very own log home, then you will need to scrutinise the budget carefully.  There are a number of […]

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