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Can I have a wood burner in my log cabin?

A wood burner is both romantic and practical.  It can also be energy efficient and a cheap heating source, if you have a good supply of wood.  A wood stove adds an extra ‘cosy’ element to any log cabin.  However, there are a number of issues that you will need to take into consideration if you are planning on having one installed.


Planning Permissions

You may need to contact your local council to see if you are permitted to have a wood burner.  Permission is granted based on whether or not you are in a smoke free area.  If you’re not in a smoke free area, then it will depend on the impact that the smoke could have on  your neighbours and surrounding areas.  Permission will also be required if your log home has been constructed in a conservation area.

Rules and regulations

A wood burner must be fitted by a registered professional.  The installation of burners isn’t permitted as a DIY job and therefore you will need to make sure that it is fitted and installed correctly.  If it’s not fitted correctly, it could cause damage to your home.  If you purchase your stove from a registered seller, then they should automatically offer you the option of having it installed by them.  If you buy a second hand wood burner, make sure that you have it inspected before installation, so that you know it’s safe.



The most practical option for the flue or chimney is to have it going straight up through the roof.  You will need to ensure that your log cabin is strong enough to hold the weight of the chimney.  This means that the roof needs to be stable and durable. You’ll also need to make sure that the chimney rises above the highest part of your log cabin roof.  Check any necessary regulations and permission status to ensure that having a chimney won’t impact on these, and your neighbours are happy with smoke production.  Once installed, make sure that the area around the chimney is protected to prevent leaks from rain or snowfall.

Cabin floor

Wood burners aren’t known for being lightweight.  This means that might need to reinforce your log cabin floor so that it can cope with the weight of the stove and hearth.  When you are reinforcing the floor, you’ll also need to install a non-combustible board as this will help with fire prevention.  Most requirements state that a concrete base is better for a wood stove to be installed on, so if you are in the early building stages – take this into consideration.



For safety reasons, wood burning stoves shouldn’t be placed too near walls.  However, it’s also a good idea to install heat shields on the walls around the area of the stove, as this will add another layer of protection to your log cabin home.



For optimum performance, it is always a good idea to have your log cabin fully insulated.  If you have had this done, then look for a wood burning stove that has a low KW output.


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