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Building log Cabins for Schools

Dec, 2020

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Building a log cabin for preschools and schools has many advantages over buying a standard port-a-cabin or building a costly and disruptive extension for creating extra classroom space. An Ecohome log cabin is one of the best ways to expand your school in a customised, cost-efficient and an eco-friendly way.

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We provide standard and bespoke design log cabins

At Ecohome Log Cabins we  provide standard and bespoke design log cabins that will suit your schools individual needs. We can design a log cabin for your school or preschool to fill the exact shape and size that you have available. The interior layout can also be fully customised to ensure that the extra space is laid out exactly how your school would like depending on individual requirements.  Building an Ecohome log cabin for your school can provide you with a more effective use of space than a port-a-cabin can.

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A Log cabin for any type of class

Our Ecohome log cabins can be designed to accommodate any type of class you can imagine such as cookery, a science lab, a sensory room or can even be designed for changing rooms complete with shower and toilet facilities.

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Save money without sacrificing on quality

Our log cabins are also a lot more affordable than port-a-cabins or an extension. This enables you to get much more for your money and enjoy a bigger space for all your school‘s needs. With our log cabins you can save money without sacrificing on quality.

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Enviromentally friendly

We are all now more aware of the environmental issues facing our planet and our log cabins are much more environmentally friendly than a port-a-cabin or building an extension. An Ecohome log cabin is made from quality Scandinavian spruce. Our premium log cabins are built to last. Timber is a material that can naturally hold heat, which means you will be spending less on heating bills. Timber also has thermal mass which means that your school‘s log cabin will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year ensuring better insulation while using less energy. Log cabins are approximately 30% more energy efficient than a traditional port-a-cabin. It has never been easier to reduce your impact on the environment while expanding your school‘s classroom space.

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Our Log Cabins dampen outside noise levels

Log cabins also have an added advantage when it comes to sound. Wood naturally absorbs soundwaves so classes held in our cabins are quieter than those in other classrooms. Also our log cabins dampen outside noise levels so students are not constantly being distracted.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more about a log cabin for your school. We have vast experience in building log cabins for schools and would be delighted to show you how our cabins can fit your needs and requirements.

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