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Building a Granny Flat in a Log Cabin

Mar, 2021

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Building a granny flat on your existing property is becoming very popular especially as the cost of buying and renting houses has increased so dramatically. This has resulted in grown up children needing to remain in the family home for a lot longer than in the past. Parents are finding that with our log cabins they can ensure their children have some independence and personal space as well as allowing them to save for a mortgage deposit rather than paying crazy money on rent each month.

Forget nursing homes

Many families are building log cabin granny flats for their relative instead of them moving into the family home or to a nursing home. The ‘granny’ or any relative no longer wishes to live alone and wants to be closer to their family for safety reasons. A log cabin in your back garden ensures that you can ‘keep an eye’ on your elderly relative while still providing them with their own personal space and independence. The beauty of a granny flat is that you are only a stone’s throw away to offer help, support and company when needed.

Custom design for your loved ones

Some design considerations will need to be made for a granny flat, for example wider doors, a bigger bathroom, handrails and ramps. Custom designed kitchens with lower work surfaces, easily accessible cupboards and non-slip flooring should also be considered. Your log cabin can be connected to mains services so electricity, plumbing and heating will all be available. The log cabin can include a kitchen, a bathroom and all modern conveniences. Our cabins can be designed to be light and airy creating a relaxing feel. You could maximise your outdoor space with a beautiful relaxing veranda.

Create a usable and comfortable space

The cost of building a small granny flat will vary depending on the exact size but in comparison to other brick builds, a log cabin is a cost-effective way to create a usable and comfortable space. Timber is a material that can naturally hold heat, which means you will be spending less on heating bills. Our log cabins are built to retain heat when it’s cold outside, but they are constructed from breathable materials which means they won’t get too hot during warmer weather. When you factor in how economical it is to heat our log cabins, you will see they are a worthwhile investment.

The best investment these days

A granny flat is also an investment that adds significant value to your property. The value added will be determined by the size and type of rooms in the granny flat. The bigger the space, the greater the potential increase in value will be. The log cabin could easily be converted into a home office or home gym which are attractive features to potential future buyers. You could also consider building a granny flat to rent it out as an extra source of income.

Create the perfect space designed especially for you

An Ecohome log cabin is the perfect solution for building a granny flat that matches the needs of the person who will be living in it and our experienced team are happy to work with you to create the perfect space to fit all of your requirements. Our log cabins are made from high quality Scandinavian spruce and they are built to last.

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