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5 Important Facts About Log Cabin Heating You Need to Know

Feb, 2021

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It is important to choose the right log cabin heating system for maximum heating efficiency. Ecohome log cabins are easy to heat and they maintain their heat well.

An Eco-home log cabin is made from quality Scandinavian spruce. Timber is a material that can naturally hold heat, which means you will be spending less on heating bills. Timber also has thermal mass which means that your log cabin will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year ensuring better insulation while using less energy.

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1 Heating Options

You can heat a log cabin in the same way as you would heat a brick built house. You can use a log burner or a solid fuel stove. You can include a back boiler in your cabin. You can use a natural gas stove or boiler. You can have a pallet stove. There are endless options available with electrical heaters. Storage heaters are a great choice. You could even put in underfloor heating or build in an air to air heat exchanger. We have seen solar powered heaters used in our cabins and it is also possible to have solar PV panels professionally installed. Everything is possible. For added warmth, don’t forget rugs, curtains and carpets.

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2 Windows

The quality of the windows you choose is important. Look for products that have certified energy efficient ratings. You want your windows to be energy efficient to prevent heat loss. Double glazed windows will undoubtedly help to keep your log cabin warm and cosy.

Where possible you should try to have large south-facing windows to maximise solar gain. There is a lot of free heat available from the sun. During the day, the sun pours in through these windows and creates heat throughout the building.

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3 Insulation

Similar to a brick built house as long as your log cabin is well built, well insulated and draught proof, you will have no issues heating it. Our cabins are specifically designed for the harsh Irish climate with damp-proof membranes and extra window seals and sealants. Our cabin foundations are designed to prevent moisture seeping into the structure. This ensures a longer lifespan and prevents mould, mildew and wood rot.

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4 Foundation

Floor insulation can often be overlooked. Without proper insulation significant heat will be lost through the floor all day long. An Ecohome log cabin includes 100mm floor insulation as standard which will prevent heat loss.

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5 Moisture Control

Unmanaged moisture is the enemy of any log cabin. Any absorbed moisture will begin to grow mould, create rot, and attract insects. Untreated log walls will begin to develop air gaps, letting in cool air and releasing heat. With our Ecohome Log cabins, chinking is used to fill the gaps between the logs and other materials. Caulking is used to seal any small cracks or holes between windows and doors. Our cabins are built using the best materials which are specifically designed to last and to withstand the often harsh Irish climate.

Please get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more about any aspect of owning or building a log cabin.

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