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5 Environmental Benefits of staying in a Log Cabin

Nov, 2022

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We are all now more aware of the environmental issues facing our planet and our log cabins are much more environmentally friendly than a standard home. Staying in a log cabin is a brilliant way to lesson your environmental impact.

Made from natural material

Our Eco-home sauna log cabins provide a haven of tranquility; a place to unwind, cleanse your body and refresh your mind. Our saunas are not only amazing for your health, they provide the perfect retreat from fast-paced modern life all from the comfort and privacy of your own garden. They are heated to between 70 and 100 degrees Celsius. As the skin temperature rises, heavy sweating occurs. The heart rate rises as the body attempts to keep cool. It is not uncommon to lose a pint of sweat during a sauna session.

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Wood is Renewable and Sustainable

Wood makes for a fantastic ‘green’ home for those who enjoy living in nature. Wood products require less energy to manufacture than standard housing and have the lowest impacts on water and air quality.

Better Air Quality

The wooden structures of our log cabins stores carbons and regulates humidity. This naturally allows for better air flow. The result of this is that log cabins are healthier to live in.

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Log Cabins are eco-friendly

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced with the construction of a log cabin.

Nearly 10% of global CO² emissions come from the production of concrete. So when a ton od concrete is produced so to is a ton of CO² produced.

Staying in a log cabin saves on energy use and electricity bills

Timber is a material that can naturally hold heat, which means you will be spending less on heating bills. Heat does not pass through the logs and our cabins act like a thermal battery to store heat during the day and release energy in the evening, creating an energy efficient home. The wooden walls act as a natural insulation thereby eliminating any artificial means of heating or cooling. The temperature remains evenly balanced all year round making for very pleasant living.

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